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Welcome to Shenzhen Yihua Shengshi Photoelectric Technology CO., Ltd

Our CEO Mike Peng is leading our team with over 12 years experience in the LCD module markets.  We provide a wide range of LCD panels for different industries. Our core markets include industrial manufacturing, automotive, education, POS systems, etc. The products are widely used in tablet computers, notebook computers, GPS navigators, POS systems, industrial control and other fields.


Hundreds of satisfied customers

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    TCL CSOT launches 17 inch IGZO inkjet...

    The news showed that TCL CSOT launched the 17” IGZO inkjet printed OLED folding display globally at the “Endeavor New Era” theme achievement exhibition on September 27th. According to reports, the product is jointly developed by TCL CSOT and Guangdong Juhua Printing and Display Techn...
  • Optoelectronics and exit the LCD1

    Samsung has transferred 577 LCD paten...

    Samsung Display has transferred thousands of its global LCD patents to TCL CSOT, including 577 U.S. patents, according to sources. With the completion of the LCD patent disposal, Samsung Display will completely withdraw from the LCD business. Samsung Display transferred 577 US patents to Chinese ...
  • Taiwan Panel factory shipments declin...

    Affected by the Russia-Ukraine conflict and inflation, terminal demand continues to be weak. The LCD panel industry originally thought that the second quarter should be able to end the inventory adjustment, now it seems that the market supply and demand imbalance will continue to the third quarte...

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